Who we are

We are a little family transport business located in the Val di Fassa area

A journey long three generations... trasporting passengers around the Dolomitessince 1940.

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Who are we

A small family company that want to do the best in transporting people.

  • Veicolo sul Passo Pordoi in Val di Fassa con vsta della Montagna Sasso Lungo


    Our journey begins

    In the 1940, Guido Desilvestro wants to start transporting people by taxi on the dusty roads of the Dolomites. Guido begins to offer a transportation services to local people, to go on vacation or to go to the closest cities, with vehicles that at the time were already really nice.

  • 1975

    Second generation

    In the following years, precisely in the 1975, the son of Guido, Franco Desilvestro wanted to carry on the family business. Franco focusing on quality, step by step improved the company and all the vehicles .

  • 1998

    The first bus

    A new adventure began, a new and long journey, Franco in the 1998 bought his first bus... The first of many.

  • 1998-2018

    Generations working together

    Today, the company Desilvestro Taxi e Viaggi plays an important role in the transport services of the Val di Fassa and the Val di Fiemme. We always work improving the quality of our services carring on our key of success, Guarantee maximum levels of comfort, reliability, security, experience and timing.

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Fiat 2300
Fiat 1900
Fiat Balilla

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Do you need to reach the Val di Fassa or the Val di Fiemme?

Cesare Desilvestro

Cesare Desilvestro

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(+39) 335 7605170

If you need to go to the Val di Fassa or to the Val di Fiemme and need a ride, get in touch with us to get informations and tranfer rates.

We are always available 24/7 to give you all the information you need.

Do you need a transfer service to the Val di Fassa or to the Val di Fiemme? We are a local company, and ready to help you to reach your destination.

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Fax: (+39) 0462 573734

We are always available to give you the right information, about taxi services, airport transfers, bus excursions or any other request.

You can also get in touch with us by text through whatsapp, imessage and facebook at the mobile phone: Cesare Desilvestro (+39) 335 7605170.

If you prefer, you can simply send us an E-mail. We will reply to you as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.

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